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       PLEASE NOTE that I have have decided to sell my babies NOT de-sexed to people that would like to start to breeding their own mini pigs,This is the first time I have ever offered my mini pigs to people for breeding .
Please contact me for more information and prices of breeding stock.


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           My name is Chrystal and I live on a farm in the beautiful  Hunter Valley in N.S.W.( I send my babies all over Australia) with my husband Peter and numerous animals so I guess I just live with animals – just kidding.

 I would like to introduce you to my family of pigs, as without them this website would never exist and I wouldn’t have had all the enjoyment they have brought into my life.

Tiger Lilly Jacinta
Patty Little Moe Marissa
Wiggy Abby Brittany
Missy Bandi Heidi
Petunia Donna
Princess Destine
Bonnie-Joe DeAngle
TwinkleToes Jack Frost
Becky Mary
Sweet Pea William
Ellie-May Kate
Clyde Imogen
Lucy Deanna
Abby Tiffanie
Honey Cludia
Black Princess Tegan
Matilda Kara
Angle Isabella
Presley Boris
Black Velvet

I must admit I fall in love with all my babies and I just have to keep some of them. This is how I have been able to supply top quality minis as I now am breeding my 8th. generation of babies. sweet_pea_&_molly_mooSome of the minis listed are now retired from breeding and are just my gorgeous pets. I’ve started breeding pigs for the table but found that it wasn’t for me. I started in mini-pigs over 14 years ago when I bought two pigs from a lady who still sells mini-pigs but they grew into these large pigs that I could not breed with. It was very expensive mistake because I had to give them away. After that harrowing experience, I realized that a lot of breeders would sell you any sized pig and class it as a mini-pig. Despite this experience – or rather due to this experience- I was more determined than ever to breed excellent quality mini-pigs.

Rose_and_Henry_Sharing_BreakfastI will not make unfounded claims that I have the “smallest mini-pigs in Australia” or “Best miniatures in Australia” because to be quite honest, I haven’t seen every mini-pig in Australia. I will also not claim that Chrystal’s mini pigs are the ultimate new pets in Australia because that is untrue. The mini-pigs are the ultimate new pig in Australia not a particular breeder’s mini-pigs. But what I can say is that mine are very small and a lot of my pigs were sold to breeders that want to bring their sizes down. I am sorry but all my minis are sold de-sexed now.

Charles2There are twelve completely different bloodlines with my pigs. This ensures that they are never, ever interbred which only leads to complications such as  very inferior pigs.

CaineI sell my mini-pigs on my honesty, reputation and the overall quality of all my babies. I do not need any gimmicks because quality sells itself.

Casey1All my babies are sold de-sexed. Having the babies de-sexed ensures that you have a constant loving and gentle pet. My babies are left with their mother until they are 4 or 5 weeks old, this gives them the best start in life (a puppy isn’t weaned until it’s 6 weeks old, why should it be any different for a pig?).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my grandson, Chris for making this website with me, as without him it just wouldn’t have been possible as I’m no good at computers.

Please view my photo page to see more of my mini family and a few of the babies that I have breed.Casey2