The Sydney Morning Herald

Hi Everybody,
I received a phone call last week form the Sydney Morning Herald for an interview regarding my mini pigs which I agreed to and the interview was done over phone then.
The women mentioned that they had taken some photos of James a pig that lives in Sydney.
I advised her that James was a very large pig and certainly not 1 that I had breed and that they could use any of the photos of my mini pigs for the article.
The article come out  yesterday with photos of James and with my name and as the owner of Chrystal’s Mini Pigs.
I would like to make it clear that I am not the breeder of James as he is nothing like the size of the small mini pigs that I breed
Thank you

When I put a post on my Facebook  yesterday about this article, this is one of the comments that was left on my post

So sorry to hear that Crystal, they could of used photos of my baby from you, she’s 18mo stands 40cm tall & weighs 12kg, nothing like James!!

There is a lot of difference between 12kg  and 100kg when the both pigs are about the same age and they were both sold as mini pigs.