Tocal field days were held in May and I promised to supply the babies
for the Mini Pig Races, I was only able to supply 2 little 3 months old babies ( the brown ones). I was not going back on my word, so I did the only thing I could think of, that was to buy some mini pigs from interstate. These minis were exactly the same age as mine but so much bigger.

We are all the same age, Doug (the little brown one) is the one I breed

lots of fun was had by all

here we come

we will need some food after this!!

great here is the food

“I can do this” says Doug my little brown boy

“We will play it smart and stay here and eat the grass while the others are running”. Doug and his sister Tasha( the 2 little babies I breed)

“How do we get though this, who has the map”

This sand and water is great fun to cool off with

I will give it one more go, but it’s unfair as they are all so much bigger then I am ( said by Tasha)

You must be kidding this is too high for me, where is the ladder

I am protesting as the others may be the same age as I am, but they are much bigger and have longer legs. (said by Tasha)

It was a great 3 days and the people just loved the mini pigs, I have been asked to do it all again this year, ( then I will have all my own babies that I have breed ).