Diane and Deborah

Diane purchased Deborah about 13 months ago and has said that Deborah is “amazing & learning so fast”. Diane also found that Deborah “loves to have a tummy rub & a rub under her chin”. Diane taught Deborah to shake hands and has housetrained Deborah and taught her numerous of tricks, including playing soccer, which she loves. Diane wrote the following in Deborah’s perspective: 

Hi I am Deborah, I love to play with Kids & grownups alike. Playing soccer is my favorite game. I am very well behaved & come when called, I do the weeding of the garden for my Mum & Dad & love to eat those big flat weeds that humans hate so much. Going for walks on leash is lots of fun because Mum takes me to different places all the time that I don’t get to see when I am playing in the garden. I sit & stay same as a dog does & I can do lots of tricks [ but I think I am smarter than a dog]. I am so happy being part of a human family & my parents really love me
deborah.532008 DIGITAL CAMERA