All my mini pigs come with a care information plus I will always give advice via the telephone or emails before and after you have taken your baby home. There is lots of information on this website.

If you are not prepared to follow my instructions on feeding your mini pig it will naturally grow larger then mine (I wish I could eat what I like but I would be very unhealthy and very over weight) The same goes for any animal.

This is an example of how not to feed your mini pig

This is how a person fed her pig,” I think the pig must have thought he was getting prepared to go of to market” and then complained that it grow larger then mine.

This is part of the emails I received from her.

…morning is eats the duck poo in the chook pen even after his muslie and 4-2-09 He loves his food and is spoilt rotten and loves to get into everything he can including rubbish if he gets the opportunity. I had to lock him away from the chook pen is he continually smashed eggs and ate them he I was thinking these dam chooks arnt laying any eggs but it was xxxxxxxxx…

Please mum wait for me I am so tiny – Sold

Gee you have big boots !! Sold