Morning show 11th. July 2014

Three of my gorgeous babies was featured on the morning show on channel 9.

All of the girls behaved like little angles as they sat on Sonia , David and David laps.
It was a great experience to be in a studio watching the show live again.


Morning Show channel 9

I have been invited to appear again on the Morning show on channel 9 this Friday 11th. July.

It’s always a fun thing to do

Little Ebony, Tex and Minnie Mouse will be appearing on the show.

ABC radio interview

I was very please and proud to do an interview for the ABC radio station in Perth ( as I live in N.S.W.)

The show that I did the interview for on Monday 9th. June is called Creature Feature

Mini pig Races

My gorgeous babies have done it again, they were on TV on Friday 2-5-14 and in the Herald this morning 5-5-14.

It was a great weekend despite the horrible weather.

Thousands of people went to Tocal to  see the famous Mini Pig Races over the weekend.

My mini pigs have been doing this every year for about 7 years and every year more people come to see them.

The babies love doing this and the attention they receive.


Herald 5-5-14 (640x468)

Radio Station

Peter and I had a great morning, we were invited to bring 1 of our mini pigs down to the KOFM Radio Station for an interview with Tania and David about my darlings ( mini pigs)plus they wanted to do a lot of photo shots. The film crew have promised to send me some of the photos they have taken( but in the mean time we will have to use the ones Peter and I have taken
We took little Gessica who won everybody’s hearts, she was a perfect angle in front of the microphone and cameras, everybody took in turns giving her cuddles. The radio crew took her to the local shopping center where she gathered lots of attention. I thought she may disgrace herself by going to the toilet but like a perfect lady she waited until she had the privacy of her cage in the car.
The interview will go to air on Monday morning, when I have a time that it will will be on the radio, I will post it here.100_7541100_7554100_7546100_7551

The Sydney Morning Herald

Hi Everybody,
I received a phone call last week form the Sydney Morning Herald for an interview regarding my mini pigs which I agreed to and the interview was done over phone then.
The women mentioned that they had taken some photos of James a pig that lives in Sydney.
I advised her that James was a very large pig and certainly not 1 that I had breed and that they could use any of the photos of my mini pigs for the article.
The article come out  yesterday with photos of James and with my name and as the owner of Chrystal’s Mini Pigs.
I would like to make it clear that I am not the breeder of James as he is nothing like the size of the small mini pigs that I breed
Thank you

When I put a post on my Facebook  yesterday about this article, this is one of the comments that was left on my post

So sorry to hear that Crystal, they could of used photos of my baby from you, she’s 18mo stands 40cm tall & weighs 12kg, nothing like James!!

There is a lot of difference between 12kg  and 100kg when the both pigs are about the same age and they were both sold as mini pigs.

Bondi Vet Show

I was very pleased and proud with the documentary about my mini pigs that was shown on Bondi Vet last night, 25th.May 2013.

100_6005100_6020 100_5977100_5981100_5987100_6039100_5980


Tocal Field Days 3rd.-5th. May

It was a fantastic 3 days with thousands of people coming to see my mini pigs in the Mini pig Races.

There were features on the ABN news on Friday night, The Newcastle Herald on Saturday 4th. May and in the Newcastle Newcastle on Monday 6th. May.


We are having a sleep before we race again


The crows waiting for us to race


Here we come, we can climb over this bridge.

nearly there


We are nearly at the end of the race.


It was worth it, as we get food at the end.




Photos from the Saturday Herald

Herald News 6-5-13

The herald News 6-5-13


TV show

Some of my babies were filmed on 13th. March  for a very large TV. show that will be aired around the middle of the year.

This show will be shown nationally wide. I am sorry I am not able t tell you which one. I had to sign a form stating that I wouldn’t disclose which one it is.

It will be a very funny show

Newcastle show 2013

My babies were on show again this year at the Newcastle show, they were so popular that I have been asked back again for the 2014 show.