Small Farms September 2016

I am very pleased and proud that the Small Farms magazine has done a 3 page story on my Mini pigs.

This is the second time this magazine has done a story on my mini pigs.

I will post the photos when my printer decides to work for me.

Thank you


Ema enjoying the comforts of home

Ema feeling quite at home now 🙂
Thought you’d like this picThank you again for everything we love Ema


A thank you that I received

Hi Chrystal, Just wanted to thank you so much for the help and information that you gave me in regards to the little rescue piggy that I have had the pleasure to adopted. Even though I hadn’t purchased him from you, you were still happy to provide me with as much information possible to help with the wellbeing of the little guy and the reassurance and confidence i needed to get through it. If it wasn’t for you and your expert advice I probably wouldn’t have him with me today. Being at my wits end, frustrated and given discouraging negative misinformation by another breeder who only wanted to help me at the cost of a their very expensive book. After purchasing the book it was obvious that it explained nothing about the situation i was in, of having a week old bottle baby. It was the welcomed reassurance, help and knowledge that you provided me ,I still have the little guy with me today. And at no cost. Not only was he struggling but so was I. He is now healthy 8 weeks old thanks to you and I don’t know how I have ever lived without him. I would highly recommend you as a breeder as you have a genuine true love for the animal itself, and are not in the business for the profit. Once again Yogi and i thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xx

Please help the children at Campbelltown preschool save their loved Peppa

There has been a story in the media over the past couple of weeks, regarding Peppa one of my a gorgeous babies that I sold to a preschool at Campbelltown.

The children love her very much, but an unidentified neighbour has put a complaint in to the council about Peppa. The council has given Peppa until the end of September to be re-homed from the school

This makes me angry and upset as a mini pig will not harm anybody and a lot safer to have around children then some other animals.

The councils must all have the same rulings and allow de-sexed mini pigs as pets. 

There is a campaign to keep Peppa at the school where she is loved. Please sign it.

Mike Baird the Premier is behind having Peppa stay at the school 

Peppa Campbelltown

Morning show 11th. July 2014

Three of my gorgeous babies was featured on the morning show on channel 9.

All of the girls behaved like little angles as they sat on Sonia , David and David laps.
It was a great experience to be in a studio watching the show live again.


Morning Show channel 9

I have been invited to appear again on the Morning show on channel 9 this Friday 11th. July.

It’s always a fun thing to do

Little Ebony, Tex and Minnie Mouse will be appearing on the show.

ABC radio interview

I was very please and proud to do an interview for the ABC radio station in Perth ( as I live in N.S.W.)

The show that I did the interview for on Monday 9th. June is called Creature Feature

Florence girl

Tocal Field Days this weekend.

Tocal Field Days are on this weekend where my mini pigs do the famous Mini Pig Races.

This has been a highlight at the Tocal Field days for many years now. Every time the race is on there are 100’s of people watching them.

It’s a great day for the whole family, there is something for all the family, with lots of animals for the children, lots of stall selling everything for us ladies and the men have their big toys

Tocal Field days are 2nd – 4th. May.


Newcastle Show

My babies were on show over the weekend at the Newcastle show.

They were so funny, Douglas would go up to everybody, especially children in prams to greet them. They were all so good but as soon as we put their travelling cage in their area last night, they run into it as to say “we are ready to go home mum”