Lucky is a very lucky little girl

I am very happy this morning, We have just brought one of our babies home from the vets.

Peter found little Lucky ( this is what we have nicked named her) last Thursday morning with the effect of a tick.

When we were playing with her on Wednesday afternoon she didn’t have the tick, this only goes to prove, how quick these horrible things take to harm our pets.

Peter rushed her to our vets ( Peter make the trip from home to the vets in record time, very pleased there wasn’t any police around. Might have been very hard to explain to them that he was on a mercy dash to the vets with a sick mini pig)

We cannot thank my vet Michael and the staff enough, for the wonderful care they gave her. Michael even took her home with him on Thursday night and all the weekend to look after her.

Bondi Vet Show.

I have just been advised that the Bondi Vet  show that is featuring  my babies will be going to air  on May 26 at 7.30pm on Channel 10. If there is any changes to this I will post it here.

The other show that my babies are featured on ( it is very funny) will go to air June/July I will post the date here when I know the Date

Mini Pig Races

My gorgeous mini pigs will be at Tocal Field Days again this weekend 3rd-5th. May in the Famous Mini Pig Races.

This has been a great fun event for the past few years.

Tocal is a great show with something for all the family.

Tocal is near Maitland in N.S.W.

nearly there


Last year show


Today Show

Hi Everybody,

I have just received a phone call (1.40pm. Tuesday 23rd. April) advising me that the Today Show are not doing the segment this Friday with my mini pigs.

I have spent lots of time reorganizing my appointments and training my babies for the show.

To say I am not very impressed would be an understatement.

I will be at Tocal on the weekend 3rd-6th. May
Thank you

Today show

I have been invited to show my gorgeous mini pigs on the Today Show next Friday 26th April. The segment should be aired at 8.20 am.

If there is an alteration to the above information I will post it here.

Sam Morgan
Thanks so very much Chrystal!
(you are free to share this, if you think it suits)

I hope I’m not being a pest as I’m sure you have many messages to attend to.

Tiger-Lily is now sitting on command! She is one very clever little girl!
Although, she is not to keen on being by herself just yet, I can’t blame her for that tho, but I’m trying to remain consistent, in order to teach tiger-lily that I will only give her attention when she is good. She isn’t too keen on being picked up, but within ground heights she loves being cuddled, just have to be seated on the floor when we try and pick her up. The cats aren’t to sure on her yet, but are getting use to her slowly. One of our cats was seen (by me) nosing each other, almost like they were trying to smell each other.

I really can’t believe at how quick tiger-lily can learn! she hasn’t been with us very long and already knows her name, knows the command, ‘come’ (but still knows how to try and challenge us, LOL) and has learnt the command, ‘sit’. She will do anything for a grape! LOL! (Oh! and has begun to use the ‘litter tray’ that I have invented for her! Still learning, but has come a LONG way in such a short time)
Although, I have now quartered the grape, to limit her sugar intake and to get her to learn her commands more quickly. Tiger-lily is really thriving for her treat of a grape! LOL!

Thank-you so much Chrystal for your advice!

Your advice is invaluable and Tiger-Lily is thriving in such a short time! She isn’t sure on the kids just yet (understandably, as we are from a broken home so she doesn’t have the same kids 24/7) but I’m sure she will adjust to the routine as she is very clever, but cheeky! LOL Tiger-Lily responds to me and Dad on a constant level, so I’m sure she will adjust very quickly as Dad and I are here all the time.

P.S. – she does love your pats! and a very special, unique girl that I am over the moon to have to our expanding family!


Colours ( all of these babies are sold)




Carrot Top




Perry 1






The Size of the babies

How cute is that!!


I weighed little Destinie this week and she is 7kg. at the age of 7months and little Heidi weighed 4.5kg and she is 6 months old
These girls I will be my future breeding girls


Please be careful there are so many scams at the moment regarding people that say they have mini pigs for sale. They get your money and you never receive anything.
Plus I receive phone calls and emails all the time informing me about bad experiences they are having with people that are selling any type of pig and calling it a mini pig, some of these pigs are very sick, savage, too large, and they come with out any paper work that is required by law.
I have people contacting me all the time asking me how to look after their pig they have brought from somebody and the breeder didn’t give them any advice of how to look after the pig, I have even had so call breeders contact me for very general advice,( why are they breeding pigs if they don’t even know the basics) and worst selling them to the public
The pigs that are sold not desexed for a pets makes me very angry as these pigs DO not make good pets and when they are about 6 months old, most people get rid of them. Please don’t let the breeder tell you that you can have the pig desexed later as this is an opperation that most vets will not undertake, I have heard of pigs dieing on the operating table (do you want that to happen to your pig?).
To breed top quality mini pigs and it is a 24/7 job that takes lots of detication, time and the love of what you are doing.
There are also lots of scams on the internet at the moment advertising all types of mini pigs that don’t exist in Australia.
Please be careful
I have discontinued my guest book as people overseas were using it for the wrong reasons
Thank you, Chrystal

I am a clever little boy