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Hi Chrystal and Peter,

I just wanted to let you know how our lovely Hayden is going. He recently graduated puppy preschool, his teacher was surprised at how quickly he made progress and how gentle he began taking treats. Hayden has settled into the family so well, mum, my sister and everyone who meets him are surprised at how gentle and sweet he is. He loves running around the backyard with the dogs and has started to play with our bigger dog Bruno, we also give him a tennis ball with a couple of holes in it filled with treats which he enjoys. This week I had a minor day surgery and Hayden was very concerned and checked up on me numerous times throughout my first day back, he is the most incredibly sweet little boy I could have ever wished for with a bit of a spunky attitude haha.
I would like to thank both you and Peter for the information and simple sale of our lovely Hayden, I’ll attach a few photos for you to see how he is going.

Thank you so much,

Ema enjoying the comforts of home

Ema feeling quite at home now 🙂
Thought you’d like this picThank you again for everything we love Ema


Notorious 1st Birthday

Hello Chrystal, Long time since I first emailed you Wanting to adopt our beautiful baby boy notorious As you may know it’s notorious’ 1st birthday today and we’d like to thank you for blessing us with such a fun, energetic & kind hearted piggy Always putting a smile on the faces of anyone who meets him on our daily walks And always putting a smile one our faces any time of the day he’s done nothing but bring our family joy & laughter and we’re forever grateful I thought I’d send you some photos of his birthday party to show you how much fun he’s having with us and his two best buddies Winfield & Benjamin (our dogs) I hope you’re doing well living both happy and healthy & thank you once again Kind regards, Cecilia 

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Thanks to you Chrystal, Reed is our delightful little fella. We admire him for every new step that he makes since coming to live with us. He is climbing into his paddle pool to search for grapes, he goes walking on a lead like a good boy, he climbs up the specialized ramp that I made him so that he can come onto the veranda, he doesn’t squeal anymore for attention and he trots throughout our home as though he’s king pin. He’s some photo’s of our Reed. Thank you for helping me to settle him in the beginning Chrystal. Doug & I are over joyed with our little man. We love him very much.


Hi everyone – just wanted to share our girl Molly with you all. We confidently recommend Chrystal as a breeder and love our girl to absolute pieces. I have found this page to be a great source of information particularly while Molly was young. You don’t buy one of these babies and that’s the end of the story, Chrystal provides ongoing helpful advice and support. i hope you enjoy your wee piggy as much as we do ours 


A thank you that I received

Hi Chrystal, Just wanted to thank you so much for the help and information that you gave me in regards to the little rescue piggy that I have had the pleasure to adopted. Even though I hadn’t purchased him from you, you were still happy to provide me with as much information possible to help with the wellbeing of the little guy and the reassurance and confidence i needed to get through it. If it wasn’t for you and your expert advice I probably wouldn’t have him with me today. Being at my wits end, frustrated and given discouraging negative misinformation by another breeder who only wanted to help me at the cost of a their very expensive book. After purchasing the book it was obvious that it explained nothing about the situation i was in, of having a week old bottle baby. It was the welcomed reassurance, help and knowledge that you provided me ,I still have the little guy with me today. And at no cost. Not only was he struggling but so was I. He is now healthy 8 weeks old thanks to you and I don’t know how I have ever lived without him. I would highly recommend you as a breeder as you have a genuine true love for the animal itself, and are not in the business for the profit. Once again Yogi and i thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xx


I just thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of Dahlia and Koba (our pet dog). Maybe you can put them on your website to promote how beautiful and sweet minature pigs can be :))
Dahlia is doing great. We have set up an outdoor play area for her in our yard and she loves it. She actually appears to be liking the outdoors more than indoors.
The children are in love with her. Our pet dog is in love with her too. They sleep together and he licks her clean. They are so sweet.
And YES, if it is not too late, we would love to have the little black girl as well.




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Received 28-1-15
Hi Chrystal,

Well Tilly had her first birthday a week ago and I thought I would send thru a update on her progress.
After a lot of constant behaviour reinforcement, love, and dedication our beautiful little girl has settled in to fit perfectly into our family. I absolutely LOVE the way how she affectionately squeaks to me….we have great conversations 🙂 and she is very affectionate and loves to rub her cheek against my cheek.

She had first Christmas holiday at the beach house and got introduced to all the neighbours. She loved the beach, particular rolling in the sand. I have set you 2 photos of Tilly at the beach with my eldest daughter Bailee. Tilly is getting much better with working on the lead…….it doesn’t take 30min to walk 100m anymore (as she had to stop and taste test EVERYTHING along the way).

She now sits for her food and knows how to wait when food is placed on the ground (whilst sitting) until I say ‘OK you can eat’.

It is sad to hear that you are selling the business…I just hope that the next owners are as dedicated as you and your husband have been.

All the best,
Shelby, Paul, Bailee, Tia, and Tilly


Hi Chrystal
We just wanted to update you on the progress of our little girl Malie – she turned 1 today. She is happy & healthy.
We love having her as part of our family and can’t imagine life without her.
We would encourage all families to have a pet pig.
Thanks once again. Below there is a photo of Malie and I taken within the last hour – she visited up to the house this afternoon for the first time.
From Sue Brian & Jackson
pBrianhoto (3)


Hi Chrystal
Just letting you know that rumples is amazing and he graduated from puppy pre school the first piggy they have ever had which he is now on their website advertising that they train pigs as well. He was so funny.
He too smart for his on good….. He sits, drops, heals, comes and does feet on command. He walks on a lead and loves running and chasing Tyla who he absolutely adores!
I have included a few photos for you.
His personality is hilarious, when he is in his playful mood he runs through the house like a wild animal chasing the cat, doing donuts 2 – 3 times in a row and flipping pillows. We love him to pieces. My daughter Tyla still cannot believe she owns a pig….
He even knows when we say in your pen…he runs in as quickly as he can for a treat of course.
Thanks again Chrystal, Rumples is one of the high lights of our lives.

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