Freddy and Fanny

Hi Chrystal
I loved sams e mail i am more than happy for you to show pictures of Freddy and Fanny if you want to. The one in the pool and by the fire are my favourites.
We are looking at buying another cubby house this week for the new babies but it would be in October. Will all four share?
Both babies are adored by our small rural community. In fact people don’t visit us anymore just the pigs.
They both sit now on command for a strawberry! And walk on a lead (sort of) unless they are distracted by a blade of grass!

Freddy and Fanny 1

Julia c




Sam Morgan
Thanks so very much Chrystal!
(you are free to share this, if you think it suits)

I hope I’m not being a pest as I’m sure you have many messages to attend to.

Tiger-Lily is now sitting on command! She is one very clever little girl!
Although, she is not to keen on being by herself just yet, I can’t blame her for that tho, but I’m trying to remain consistent, in order to teach tiger-lily that I will only give her attention when she is good. She isn’t too keen on being picked up, but within ground heights she loves being cuddled, just have to be seated on the floor when we try and pick her up. The cats aren’t to sure on her yet, but are getting use to her slowly. One of our cats was seen (by me) nosing each other, almost like they were trying to smell each other.

I really can’t believe at how quick tiger-lily can learn! she hasn’t been with us very long and already knows her name, knows the command, ‘come’ (but still knows how to try and challenge us, LOL) and has learnt the command, ‘sit’. She will do anything for a grape! LOL! (Oh! and has begun to use the ‘litter tray’ that I have invented for her! Still learning, but has come a LONG way in such a short time)
Although, I have now quartered the grape, to limit her sugar intake and to get her to learn her commands more quickly. Tiger-lily is really thriving for her treat of a grape! LOL!

Thank-you so much Chrystal for your advice!

Your advice is invaluable and Tiger-Lily is thriving in such a short time! She isn’t sure on the kids just yet (understandably, as we are from a broken home so she doesn’t have the same kids 24/7) but I’m sure she will adjust to the routine as she is very clever, but cheeky! LOL Tiger-Lily responds to me and Dad on a constant level, so I’m sure she will adjust very quickly as Dad and I are here all the time.

P.S. – she does love your pats! and a very special, unique girl that I am over the moon to have to our expanding family!

Wednesday 17th. April

Hi Chrystal,
little Tiger-Lily is settling in nicely.
She is now coming to her name without needing a grape in my hand! LOL! and it is sooooo cute how she follows me everywhere. As soon as I move, she moves so she can be close.
She will now sit for her breakfast and dinner. I bought her a ball with a hole in it and I hide spinach leaves in it, lol. She’s not to interested in that yet, do you have an idea with what treat I can put in it?
Other then that, she settles very well at night. I turn her light off, put her into her bed and say night-night, and we don’t hear from her until morning, when we go into her room ready to start our day.

Thanks for such a great and cheeky lil girl! We all love her to bits and kids can’t wait to take her to school for show and tell!




Diane and Deborah

Diane purchased Deborah about 13 months ago and has said that Deborah is “amazing & learning so fast”. Diane also found that Deborah “loves to have a tummy rub & a rub under her chin”. Diane taught Deborah to shake hands and has housetrained Deborah and taught her numerous of tricks, including playing soccer, which she loves. Diane wrote the following in Deborah’s perspective: 

Hi I am Deborah, I love to play with Kids & grownups alike. Playing soccer is my favorite game. I am very well behaved & come when called, I do the weeding of the garden for my Mum & Dad & love to eat those big flat weeds that humans hate so much. Going for walks on leash is lots of fun because Mum takes me to different places all the time that I don’t get to see when I am playing in the garden. I sit & stay same as a dog does & I can do lots of tricks [ but I think I am smarter than a dog]. I am so happy being part of a human family & my parents really love me
deborah.532008 DIGITAL CAMERA

Pam and Billy

Pam purchased Billy about 12 months ago and has found Billy to be such a beautiful pet”. Pam has trained Billy to sit and she is teaching him other tricks. Pam also has a Regent Parrot who enjoys riding on Billy’s back and an Alsatian who loves playing with Billy. Billy gets along great with his fellow pets and all the neighbours love him.”

Pam & Billy 1
Pam & Billy 2
Pam & Billy 3
Pam & Billy 4

Toby and his new Family

Toby has settled beautifully into our home. He and Milo (Rabbit) are joined at the hip (Photo attached). They share the same beanbag of an evening. Yesterday whilst we all were outside playing – girls in their sand pit, the boys went quiet (which could only mean trouble) found them both in my vegie patch grazing on baby spinach and roma tomatoes. (Who knew pigs like tomato) Our cherries are ripe and now instead of it being a race against the birds its a race against Toby for the fallen ones – I don’t know how he does it but he never eats the pip. Instead he lines them up at the back door. Toby likes to be where the action is – on Sunday the girls were playing dress ups, he was asleep in the dress up basket. I have sent you by post one of Toby’s first finger paints – again had to be doing what the girls are doing – Milo is as equally bad but he doesn’t like being messy so no painting for Milo. Toby spent today playing in the girls dolls house, although Amelia was getting frustrated cause he kept moving the dolls furniture. Bella has taught him how to go down the slide with Milo and herself.


Toby and Milo

Timmy and his new Family

Hi Chrystal, Just a quick note to let you know that Timmy has settled in wonderfully, Mum’s dog Buddy loves him and even sleeps with him. It’s been a bit chilly here the last few days so mum has kept Timmy inside. He is going well with his halter and lead as well. He loves being outside, he has some sheep for neighbours which have been quite inquisitive of him. Anyway I just wanted to let you know how Timmy was going and how happy mum is with him.
Many thanks Chrystal,



These photos were taken only a couple of days after he arrived at his new home.



Hi Crystal,
Thanks for that info, Bella is so so cute!! don’t be surprised if i get another one at some point down the track!! She has settled in so well, i cant believe how quiet she is at night, she doesn’t make a noise until i go into the laundry in the morning to give her breakfast at 8.30am, when i look at her basket, she sleeps under her blanket! then i call her name, she snorts and then comes running!! I think she is the most adorable pet i have had, I have been trying the technique you suggested with picking her up, yesterday i did it twice, she squealed for a few min then settled, during the day she will come up to me with no problem, but she still shy’s away when i go to pat her! if she cant see me or my little dog in sight she squeals, when i call her name she comes running!! how cute is that.
Hope you have got some rest today, take care
Warm regards

Hi Chrystal,
Just wanted to let you know Bella is doing really well, toilet training done! she had her stitches out today, goes back in a few weeks to be wormed.
I have taken a couple of pictures so thought I would send them, I have just introduced her harness today, so that is what she has on in the pictures,already knows where the fridge is!!
Take care
Warm Regards
Karen and Bella
These photos were taken of Bella less then a week after Bella arrived



Hi Chrystal
I have Frankie’s Birth Certificate-thank you. Frankie arrived fine and loved her first feed of weet-bix. Stitches are out and she loves all my dogs. She is even coming to me now and laying next to me for belly rubs, will keep you updated and thank-you for the hassle free purchase of my gorgeous little girl.
Regards Nicky
These photos of Frankie were taken only a couple of days after arriving after new home


These photos of Frankie were taken only a couple of days after arriving after new home


We all love Harrington
Harrington and his new friend 2 after arriving at his new home
Dear Chrystal
Harry is wearing his harness now-
Here he is with his best friend


Harrington and his new friend 2 after arriving at his new home