Frequently Asked Questions

My Breeding 

                       The DPI do regular checks on the husbandry, feeding, breeding and the sales of my mini pigs. They are impressed with all the aspects of the care that I give my mini pigs.

My mini pigs are fed a mixture of grass, vegetables and mix grain which is required to keep them healthy, happy, small and very healthy litters of babies.

You don’t feed mini pigs grain that is produced for large piggeries that are breeding their pigs for the table. You also don’t feed them any type of meat, sugary fruit,bread or any other processed food.

You don’t starve pigs to keep them small this is very cruel.

I have devoted 15 years to my breeding program, which consist of selecting  pigs for their size, temperament and personality. I have bred up to 8 generations and over this time they have become considerably smaller over each generation.

I am very well respected by vets and other official people.

The Australian Quarantine department will not allow the importation on any type of pigs into Australia. Reputable breeders have been selective breeding for generations.

Some state in Australia have very strong Quarantine laws which requires  pigs to have up to 3 vet checks and I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with any of the checks

What sizes do your miniature pigs grow to?

My mature pigs grow to be approximately 48 cm and numerous breeders and buyers have told me that mine are the smallest they’ve ever seen.

Which gender makes the better pet?

All my male pigs are desexed by the vet at 6 weeks old and ready to go to their new homes a couple of days later. My female pigs are desexed around 8 weeks of age(depending on their size) and go to their new homes 2 weeks later. I do not believe there is any difference between a little girl or boy pig when they are desexed. Having them desexed makes them a constant loving, gentle pet. I have both desexed boys and girls that are a few years old that I have kept to monitor their behavior.

How long do miniature pigs live?

A miniature pigs life expectancy is twelve and fifteen years.

How old are your pigs when you start breeding with them?

I will not start breeding any of my females until they are at least 15 months old. I have heard and seen other breeders breeding with females as young as 7 months. This is detrimental to their health and to the unborn babies.

Will they socialise with other animals?

Pigs are very sociable animals. They will live quite happily with any other pets you may have. Mine live with cattle, horses, dogs, sheep, alpacas and poultry.

Do you bottle-feed babies?

I do not see any reason to take a baby from its mother to feed it a bottle. You don’t do this with a pup or any other animal and mum’s milk is always the best.

How old are they when they’re weaned?

My baby pigs are weaned when they are 4-5 weeks old.

How many litters do pigs have per year?

A pig can have 2 and a half litters per year but mine usually have 1 and a half a year.

What does their diet consist of?

A pig needs a good balanced diet. This includes:

  • Vegetables (No corn, potatoes or peas) and only a little fruit as treat, never banana or avocado
  • You can feed your baby an 18% protein DRY dog food up till your baby is 3 months old only never tin dog or cat food
  • Good quality, low protein, low fat, mix grain
  • Fresh grass
  • Constant supply of fresh water

What food should I never feed to my pigs?

  • Meat of any description including fish, poultry, cattle, sheep and any processed meat
  • Pig pellets or food make for pigs ( these are designed to put size and weight on fast)
  • Tin dog and cat food
  • Rice or pasta
  • Dairy products
  • Bread
  • Cakes and any sweet things
  • Chook food and never allow them to eat poultry droppings or eggs

How do I look after my mini pig when I first take him home?

I recommend you put him/her into a small, warm, quiet area where he/she will become accustomed to the new surroundings, smells, other pets and new people. For the first few days when you are feeding him pat her while he/she’s eating and slowly introduce him/her to the rest of the family.
Sit on the floor with your baby and offer her/him some fruit and let him come to you

What are their requirements regarding their housing?

This all will depend on if you want your new pet to live in the house or outside. If you want him/her to live in the house let him/her be able to go outside via a doggy door or similar. If you want your new pet to live outside he/she will require a large run with a warm shelter from the elements.You can use blankets or straw for their bedding.
They MUST be kept warm in winter and cool in summer

Do pigs dig?

A pig’s natural instinct is to dig but they can be trained to have their own special area for digging. While I have said in the past that putting a nose ring on a pig must hurt and take their natural instincts away, I have found by experience that if the nose ring is fitted by a qualified vetinarian, your pig will not suffer in any way and it still enjoys grazing, keeping everybody happy.


Can they be housetrained?

You can train your pig very easily as they go to the toilet in the same spot every time. A kitty litter tray, newspaper, or take their droppings outside and show them outside is where the pig goes to the toilet.My babies have newspaper in the cubby house where they are locked in every night and they always go to the toilet on the paper.

Can you take them for walks on a harness?

Pigs love going for walks. Plus it is very amusing watching the reactions of other people. To accomplish this put the harness on the pig and let him walk around with it on for a few hours but make sure you keep an eye on him. Next step is to attach the lead and let him walk with it as well while still keeping an eye on him. After he gets used to having the lead on, you will be able to teach him to walk with the lead.

Will they get sunburnt?

This is a very commonly asked question. I find that if they have shelter to get away from the elements and they have mud to roll in, it will not be an issue, even for white pigs as this is their natural way to protect themselves form the sun.

Can you bathe a pig?

Yes, a pig can be bathed and I feel the best way for small ones is in a baby bath that has lukewarm water and wool wash. And rinse them off in lukewarm water.

Do pigs need worming?

Yes, pigs do need worming on a regular basis. Your vet will supply medication, which can be added to their food.

What colour pigs do you breed?

Oh, how do I start? I believe I have all the colours that is possible to achieve in piglets. i.e. stripes, and spotted ones. Colours include; apricots, gingers, tans, browns, blacks and whites.

Do you need council permission to keep a pet mini pig on a residential home?

I have found that all councils have different rules regarding keeping a desexed pet mini pig. Some councils believe that if you can keep a dog you are able to keep a pet mini pig. I had one council in South Australia change their rules to allow people to keep a pet mini pig, after one of their councillors stayed with some people in N.S.W. over Christmas that has one of my mini pigs.There was another case in Victoria where one of the council said no to a lady, but another council 1 street away would permit you to keep one.
I believe that lots of councils don’t know that a true mini pigs exists.
I would advise you to ask your council about their rulings

If there is any other questions. I’m only too happy to answer them as I will talk about my pigs as long as you’ll listen to me.

The above questions have been answered from my experience and to the best of my knowledge.