BABIES FOR SALE  Babies 

                       Poppy is my very last baby that I will ever have, her photo down the page


                                   We have come to a very hard decision after 16 years of breeding my gorgeous babies that these babies we have                                                              now  will be my last babies that I will breed

                                                    This decision was reached  because of many things including  our health.

                                                    I have meet a lot of lovely people and had the opportunity to do TV shows, shows,radio talk back shows, Tocal shows, newspaper and magazine                                                                articles  

                                                                                           Up Dated  1st. May 2019

              The little de-sexed girls and boys are $800 each 

               The none de-sexed boys and girls are $1000 each

             They  are not considered sold until I have receive the non-refundable deposit of $400 for him or her,( this comes of the price of the baby)I send my babies all over Australia ( owners expense).Please if you would like more information about them, phone me on 0249389379 or email me at   

These babies are sold with,

I arrange all the paperwork for your baby as listed below

The compulsory PigPass that every pig in Australia must have when sold.

The compulsory ear tag  that is required for every pig that is sold in Australia

The compulsory Quarantine paper work for some states of Australia

Individual Biosecurity permit, that is compulsory

The compulsory Quarantine paper work for some states of Australia.

The Birth Certificate with the babies photo,you can change your babies name.

De-sexing Certificate.

Worming certificate

Care information Booklet

Information on their food requirements

Approximately 2  weeks of grain if they are collected, can not send by plane

I send my babies all over Australia ( at owners expense)

                                                                                      The Purchaser

The Purchaser requires a PIC No ( Property Identification Code) If you don’t have one you apply at LLS Office ( Local Land Series Office) This is required before the baby can leave this property

Thank you
Take care
Chrystal, Peter and all our 4 legged friends


                                                                   These babies were born on 1-4-19         

Mum and babies           

FOR SALE———————————–Poppy a little girl ——————————–SOLD




                                                                                Sale Conditions

Until  I have received the deposit for the baby mini pig, the baby is still on the market, unless you have make arrangements with me.

    1. The balance is to be paid in full prior to me making any travel arrangements for your mini pig, or you may pay when you collect your baby mini pig from me
    • If cancellation of your mini pig for any reason on your part,all  the money you have paid will not be refunded.The money you have paid will not be transferred over to another mini pig at any time.
    • I do not except any of my minis to be returned back to me.
    • The sale of the mini pig must be completed by you when the boys are 6 weeks old and in the case of the little girls as soon as she is ready to be send to you or picked up. If  you are unable to take your baby at this time I will ageist him/her for a reasonable amount of time for a weekly fee to cover the cost of feed and husbandry. Your baby will be well cared for, while she/he is agested with me, but if anything unforeseen happens to your baby I will not be held responsible.
  1. While the mini pig is in my care she/he will be very well cared for and loved.
  2. I will not be held responsible for the health or welfare of your mini pig, including any hidden illness or defects after you have received your baby.
  3. I will not be held responsible for the health or injuries to your baby while she/he is in transit to your home by myself  or any other person or transport company.
  4. I will not be and cannot be held responsible for how your pig is looked after and fed after he/she leaves my care.
  5. I don’t transfer deposits from one litter to another litter after you have picked your baby.

 The DPI do regular checks on the Husbandry, feeding, breeding and the sales of my mini pigs and each time there hasn’t been any problems with anything that I am doing.( I wish they would check on everybody that is selling pigs)

   Please note there are NO teacup, micro, potbelly pigs in Australia, there  never has been and never will be with our Quarantine laws.

A unit or townhouse is not suitable for a mini pig

Please be careful there are so many scams on the internet regarding pigs or pigs that don’t exist. Even to the extent that people using the photos of my mini pigs on their very misleading ads.

Take care
Chrystal, Peter and all our 4 legged friends.


PLEASE BE CAREFUL    16th. April 16   Hi Everybody,I would like to inform people that there is another add on the internet using a photo of one of my mini pigs and the ad is nothing to do with my mini pigs that I breed. To say that I am not very happy is an understatement.If these people have to use the photos of my mini pigs it doesn’t say very much for what they are breeding ( if they are)

I think it’s a very low thing to do and it’s misleading the public.I HAVE TAKEN A COPY OF THE AD 
Take care
Chrystal, Peter and all our 4 legged friends.                       

as her ads running but the photos have been taken off. I will be watching her very carefully from now on.

I have copies of the ads using my babies photos

Please be careful there are so many scams going on and people are selling any size pig and claiming that they are mini pigs