Please help the children at Campbelltown preschool save their loved Peppa

There has been a story in the media over the past couple of weeks, regarding Peppa one of my a gorgeous babies that I sold to a preschool at Campbelltown.

The children love her very much, but an unidentified neighbour has put a complaint in to the council about Peppa. The council has given Peppa until the end of September to be re-homed from the school

This makes me angry and upset as a mini pig will not harm anybody and a lot safer to have around children then some other animals.

The councils must all have the same rulings and allow de-sexed mini pigs as pets. 

There is a campaign to keep Peppa at the school where she is loved. Please sign it.

Mike Baird the Premier is behind having Peppa stay at the school 

Peppa Campbelltown