I have had lots of inquires rerarding Teacup or micro minis over the last few months. These names can be very missleading, they are the names that people overseas have given their mini pigs. Teacups are only called teacups because when they are first born they are the same size as a tea cup. This is the same as mine and I refer to mine as true mini pigs.
There are NO pigs that will only grow to the size of a chihuaha dog, there never has been and there never will be.
My minis are Stars in their own rights as they have done:

  • TV appearance 3 times
  • Newspaper article in 2009,
  • The Land Newspaper April 2010
  • Shown at Agriculture shows a few times at.
  • A star in a film
  • have been in Mini Pig Races, the people loved them so much I have been asked to do it again next year.
  • My minis were at Tocal on 30th.April and 1st. and 2nd. May this year in the Mini pig Races
  • On greeting cards.These cards turned out very well that the company came and took a lot more photos of my babies on 17-2-10

All these very special cards above have my little babies on them