Hi Crystal,
Thanks for that info, Bella is so so cute!! don’t be surprised if i get another one at some point down the track!! She has settled in so well, i cant believe how quiet she is at night, she doesn’t make a noise until i go into the laundry in the morning to give her breakfast at 8.30am, when i look at her basket, she sleeps under her blanket! then i call her name, she snorts and then comes running!! I think she is the most adorable pet i have had, I have been trying the technique you suggested with picking her up, yesterday i did it twice, she squealed for a few min then settled, during the day she will come up to me with no problem, but she still shy’s away when i go to pat her! if she cant see me or my little dog in sight she squeals, when i call her name she comes running!! how cute is that.
Hope you have got some rest today, take care
Warm regards

Hi Chrystal,
Just wanted to let you know Bella is doing really well, toilet training done! she had her stitches out today, goes back in a few weeks to be wormed.
I have taken a couple of pictures so thought I would send them, I have just introduced her harness today, so that is what she has on in the pictures,already knows where the fridge is!!
Take care
Warm Regards
Karen and Bella
These photos were taken of Bella less then a week after Bella arrived