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Hi Chrystal and Peter,

I just wanted to let you know how our lovely Hayden is going. He recently graduated puppy preschool, his teacher was surprised at how quickly he made progress and how gentle he began taking treats. Hayden has settled into the family so well, mum, my sister and everyone who meets him are surprised at how gentle and sweet he is. He loves running around the backyard with the dogs and has started to play with our bigger dog Bruno, we also give him a tennis ball with a couple of holes in it filled with treats which he enjoys. This week I had a minor day surgery and Hayden was very concerned and checked up on me numerous times throughout my first day back, he is the most incredibly sweet little boy I could have ever wished for with a bit of a spunky attitude haha.
I would like to thank both you and Peter for the information and simple sale of our lovely Hayden, I’ll attach a few photos for you to see how he is going.

Thank you so much,