Hi Chrystal
Just letting you know that rumples is amazing and he graduated from puppy pre school the first piggy they have ever had which he is now on their website advertising that they train pigs as well. He was so funny.
He too smart for his on good….. He sits, drops, heals, comes and does feet on command. He walks on a lead and loves running and chasing Tyla who he absolutely adores!
I have included a few photos for you.
His personality is hilarious, when he is in his playful mood he runs through the house like a wild animal chasing the cat, doing donuts 2 – 3 times in a row and flipping pillows. We love him to pieces. My daughter Tyla still cannot believe she owns a pig….
He even knows when we say in your pen…he runs in as quickly as he can for a treat of course.
Thanks again Chrystal, Rumples is one of the high lights of our lives.

RumplesRumples 1Rumples 2Rumples 4Rumples 5