Received 28-1-15
Hi Chrystal,

Well Tilly had her first birthday a week ago and I thought I would send thru a update on her progress.
After a lot of constant behaviour reinforcement, love, and dedication our beautiful little girl has settled in to fit perfectly into our family. I absolutely LOVE the way how she affectionately squeaks to me….we have great conversations 🙂 and she is very affectionate and loves to rub her cheek against my cheek.

She had first Christmas holiday at the beach house and got introduced to all the neighbours. She loved the beach, particular rolling in the sand. I have set you 2 photos of Tilly at the beach with my eldest daughter Bailee. Tilly is getting much better with working on the lead…….it doesn’t take 30min to walk 100m anymore (as she had to stop and taste test EVERYTHING along the way).

She now sits for her food and knows how to wait when food is placed on the ground (whilst sitting) until I say ‘OK you can eat’.

It is sad to hear that you are selling the business…I just hope that the next owners are as dedicated as you and your husband have been.

All the best,
Shelby, Paul, Bailee, Tia, and Tilly