Toby and his new Family

Toby has settled beautifully into our home. He and Milo (Rabbit) are joined at the hip (Photo attached). They share the same beanbag of an evening. Yesterday whilst we all were outside playing – girls in their sand pit, the boys went quiet (which could only mean trouble) found them both in my vegie patch grazing on baby spinach and roma tomatoes. (Who knew pigs like tomato) Our cherries are ripe and now instead of it being a race against the birds its a race against Toby for the fallen ones – I don’t know how he does it but he never eats the pip. Instead he lines them up at the back door. Toby likes to be where the action is – on Sunday the girls were playing dress ups, he was asleep in the dress up basket. I have sent you by post one of Toby’s first finger paints – again had to be doing what the girls are doing – Milo is as equally bad but he doesn’t like being messy so no painting for Milo. Toby spent today playing in the girls dolls house, although Amelia was getting frustrated cause he kept moving the dolls furniture. Bella has taught him how to go down the slide with Milo and herself.


Toby and Milo